A lesson in Leadership

I got the idea for this comic strip from a story which I was listening to few days ago. The story goes like this…

Once there was a lion. He asked a rabbit, “Who is the king of the jungle?”

Panel One

The rabbit got scared and he said trembling, “You, my lord! You are the king of the jungle”.

Panel Two

The king moved away and started walking with swagger.

Panel Three

After few moments he met a fox. Lion asked the fox, “Who is the king of the jungle?”

Panel Four

The fox replied in his sleazy voice, “Of course you, my lord! Who else could be the king of the jungle”

Panel Five

The lion stretched his chest and started moving with more swagger.

Panel Five

He reached an elephant. With an arrogant tone, the lion roared at the elephant, “Who is the king of the jungle?”

Panel Six

The elephant grabbed the lion by his neck and said politely, “I’ll tell you who’s the king of the jungle”.

Panel Seven

Then the elephant shook the lion for some time and smashed him on the ground a couple of times.

Panel Eight
Panel Nine

After the elephant released the lion he said in a shaking voice, “You could have just said so”

Panel Ten

The moral of the story is that many people, with some power on others, try to put their weight around. Good leaders never do that. Every boss has a boss. So stay humble and kind to those who are less powerful than you.

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