Joy of missing out

As humans, we constantly live in the fear of missing out, in short FOMO. Many of our decisions, sometimes the important ones are made by this fear.

All of us have heard one of the following in our lives at least once:

“This is the best deal right now. Grab it or you’re going to miss.”

“Buy XYZ stock now. This is going to go high. This is like Amazon in 1999”

“Best time to buy a house was yesterday, because prices are going north”

And the best one, “Have you heard about DOGE coin?”

Since primitive ages our minds are experiencing fear and many times this fear is good as it keeps us safe or alive. However, is the fear of missing our necessary? May be, but what matters is how we handle that fear.

Whenever you hear about the ‘new shiny’ thing, don’t just go into panic mode. Don’t do anything. Specially, don’t buy anything. Don’t just start talking to everybody about it. Instead, be a listener. Listen to everyone’s opinion, carefully. Ask questions. Read about that topic. Don’t read the social media posts about the topic. Read the books on that topic. Read the ‘opinion’ sections of newspapers or news magazines on that topic. Read the white papers if you can. Read different perspectives. Educate yourself. Meditate over it. Make you own opinion. Contradict your own opinion. In the end, if you feel like it’s not worth your time and energy, just relax. Enjoy the joy of missing out.. the JOMO.

Like Mark Manson says in his book Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k,

Reserve your fucks for only the most fuck-worthy of situations”.

– Mark Manson, The Subtle Art if Not Giving a F**k

Don’t just give a f**k about anything. Be very choosy about it.

Every kid learns ABC at their own pace, however in the end we all learn to read. You might come back and do the same thing your friends were telling you about, but that’s OK. We all are uncertain in this journey and we all are going to end up in the same place after everything is said and done. You are not missing anything in this life. We all are going only one way.

Mistakes happen and will happen. You might make wrong choices even after educating yourself, but those mistakes won’t be driven by fear. You would enjoy owning those mistakes and would tell stories about them later in your life.

Whenever market goes up or down, just listen to the meditation by J L Collins. When a new coin takes off or when your friend buys a new shiny thing, just ask yourself, “Is there a joy in missing this one out?”

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