Surprising a perfectionist

You could easily relate to this story if you have a perfectionist or a wife in your life.

Mom while going out of the house, “I am going out for couple of hours. See you later”
Few moments later Dad asks Daughter, “Do you want to surprise your Mom?” Daughter asks, “How”? Dad replies, “Let’s clean the house to surprise her”. Daughter agrees.
Daughter and Dad clean the house.
After some time Dad sits on Sofa tired and the Daughter exclaims, “Yay! We cleaned the whole house. Mom”
Mom enters the house with lots of shopping bags and announces, “Honey! I am home”
Mom drops all her shopping bags and screams, “Who put the vase on the right side of the console?”
Mom arranges the cushions while explaining that she puts the cushions in diamond shape. She opens the kitchen cabinet and says,” cups should be on the bottom shelf”
Daughter hissed to Dad, “Never ask me to surprise Mom ever again”


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